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Which Tiger is The Strongest: 6 Kinds of Living Tiger Species Strength Ranking

Tiger is a large cat of the mammalian class, top predator in nature, the appearance is light yellow or brownish yellow with black stripes, the head is round, the ears are short, the back of the ears are black, and there is a prominent white spot in the center, strong limbs, the tail is thick and long, with a black ring, and the tail end is black. Here is the ranking on strongest tiger.

There are nine subspecies of tigher, which vary greatly in size and morphology, they are

The last three species have become extinct in 20th century. Siberian tiger is the largest, with males reaching 3.7 meters in length and weighing 423 kilograms. Sumatran tiger is the smallest living subspecies, with males measuring 2.34 m long and weighing 136 kg.

Top1: Panthera(Bengal) Tiger

Bengal tiger
Bengal Tiger in Wild

The Bengal tiger has the largest number in wild, and its habitat is mainly distributed in India, and it is also the only tiger in India, with a number of about 3,000. It is worth mentioning that there are also a small number of Bengal tigers near the southwest border of China.

This is a large tiger, especially since the size of the Siberian tiger has declined considerably from its historical level, and the Bengal tiger may even be the largest tiger in existence. The male tiger weighs 180-258 kg, and the female tiger is relatively small, weighing 100-160 kg.

Bengal tiger catch fish
Bengal tiger catch fish

The Bengal tiger is good at internal fighting, external fighting is relatively weak, in other words, “civil war experts, external combat amateurs”, so do not think that they are relatively weak when see them being driven away by the sloth bear, in fact, they need retain enough strength to cope with similar competition.

Bengal tiger is located in the Indian subcontinent, although there is a “small Africa” said, rich in prey resources, but at the same time, the density of tigers is also higher, so the degree of competition is more intense, the same species often fight, so in the six existed tigers, the Bengal tiger is the most powerful and strongest.

Top2: Altaica(Siberian) Tiger

Siberian Tiger
Siberian Tiger Playing

Siberian tiger lives in northeast Asia, the Russian Far East and Jilin and Heilongjiang provinces of northeast China, and may still exist in northern Korea. it sits at the top of the food chain in nature, was once the largest kind of tiger, large individuals can even reach 300 kilograms, but 1970 is a watershed, due to habitat destruction and poaching, Siberian tiger‘s body size is not as good as before 1970, Nowdays, there are only about 500 Siberian tigers left in the wild.

Due to the small number of tigers in the northeast and the wide area of territory, the degree of competition between the same species is relatively less intense, so they are less likely to fight among themselves.

Siberian tiger 1
Siberian Tiger Tickling

However, Siberian tiger is very good at fighting with other animals, its prey even including brown bears, black bears and other large beasts. In external warfare, Siberian tiger may be the strongest, but in terms of the fighting with its own kind, it may be slightly weaker than the Bengal tiger.

Top3: Corbetti(Indochinese) Tiger

Indochinese tiger
Indochinese tiger in forest

The name of the Indochinese tiger is very misleading, as it appears to be a tiger that lives mainly in India, but in fact there is only one tiger in India, the Bengal tiger.

Indochinese tiger is the third largest tiger in existence, mainly distributed in the tropical rainforests of Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, and a small number lives in evergreen broad-leaved forests in the southwest border of China. Compared to the first two tiger species, Indochinese tiger has a smaller body size and a smaller skull.

Indochinese tiger 1
Indochinese tiger enjoy the cool water

Male Indochinese tigers weigh 150-195kg when they are adults, and female tigers are even smaller, 100-130kg, so Indochinese tiger ranks behind the Bengal tiger and the Siberian tiger in combat effectiveness.

Top4: Amoyensis(South China) Tiger

South China tiger walking in river
South China tiger walking in river

South China tiger used to be the most widely distributed and the most abundant tiger in the world, and it was also the only one distributed in China.

Its name is also confusing, literally, like the specialty of South China, but in fact its distribution include more than half of China, from North China to southwest, from East China to central China, and even the south of Shanxi and other regions, there are a large number of distribution.

South China tiger drinking water
South China tiger drinking water

Unfortunately, after the 1950s, due to large-scale hunting and habitat loss, South China tiger became extinct in the wild, and now only lives in zoos, the number is only a few dozen. South China tiger is a small and medium sized tiger, the male tiger weighs 130-175 kg.

Top5: Jacksoni(Malayan)  Tiger

Malayan Tiger brothers
Malayan Tiger brothers

Malay tiger, also known as Malayan Tiger, is a species of tiger that lives on the Malay Peninsula and was once considered to be a branch of the Indochinese tiger, much like the Xinjiang tiger to the Caspian Tiger, not a separate subspecies.

However, some scientists in the United States and the United Kingdom found that the difference between Malay Tiger and the Indochinese tiger has reached the limit of being defined as different subspecies, and this conclusion has been supported by the majority of people, so the newly revised cat classification law considers the Malay tiger as an independent subspecies.

Malayan Tiger resting
Malayan Tiger resting

The Malay tiger is smaller than South China tiger, about two-thirds the size of the Indochinese tiger, so the fighting force is not as strong.

Top6: Sumatran Tiger

Sumatran Tiger family
Sumatran Tiger family

Of the six extant species of tiger, the Sumatran tiger is the smallest, and even the adult male tiger is only 100 to 140 kilograms, equals to 2-3 man, which is much smaller than many female lions.

Generally speaking, there is an unwritten law in the animal world: poor size of animals means poor strength, especially in the same species. The Sumatran tiger is the smallest of the living tigers and has the weakest natural strength.

Sumatran Tiger King
Sumatran Tiger King

In fact, if you look carefully at the different tiger subspecies, you will find that tigers living in inland areas are generally much larger than those on the islands, and the peninsula tiger is in the middle.

cute tiger moment
cute tiger moment

This ranking of the strength of the existing six kinds of tigers is, in fact, to a large extent, the ranking of their size, after all, are tigers, whether it is the structure of fangs and claws, or the way of fighting, they are similar.

However, Bengal tiger and Siberian tiger are more special, they are same size, one is good at internal fighting, one is good at external fighting, they are the most fierce two species of tigers.

Do you agree with the above ranking, welcome tell us your opinion?

tigers amazing creature
amazing creature
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