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What Should You Do When Encountering a Snake?

Michel was riding a bike home when he encountered a large snake blocking the middle of the road. Michel didn’t feel scared, and in order to make the snake leave, he stopped the bike and picked up a stone from the roadside, throwing it in the direction of the big snake. Michel knows that snakes are afraid of people. If they throw stones at them, they will definitely leave. But what was unexpected was that this big snake not only didn’t scare away, but instead charged towards Michel’s direction. Michel fixed his eyes and saw that it was a Naja, which frightened Michel. He immediately turned around and ran away. However, unfortunately, Michel accidentally stumbled during his escape, and Naja immediately ran after him, bit Michel’s hand and released the venom through its fangs.

What Should You Do When Encountering a Snake 1

Michel is also a skilled craftsman with courage. When he saw the snake crawl onto him, he endured the pain and remained motionless because he knew that the more fiercely he resisted, the more likely the snake would attack. Naja climbed to Michel’s shoulder, looked at Michel for a few seconds, then did not attack again, and soon left.

Michel saw that the snake had already climbed far, so he immediately got up and rode his bike towards the hospital. He wanted to seek medical treatment immediately. After arriving at the hospital, the doctor made a simple treatment, and asked Michel’s family to go a larger hospital for treatment, because only by injecting Antivenom can we treat snake venom. After arriving at the city hospital, the doctor immediately injected Michel with Antivenom, and said Michel was very lucky because Michel’s wound only had one tooth mark, which means that the cobra bite was biased, so the snake venom released was limited, otherwise Michel would be in danger of life.

What Should You Do When Encountering a Snake 2

I believe many friends know that Michel made a mistake when encountering a snake in his way, which is that he shouldn’t throw a stone at it. Because the other side is a Naja with strong aggressiveness, which is one of the few snakes that will actively attack humans. Michel throws a stone at it, and it will definitely fight back. Since we cannot throw stones, what should we do when encountering a snake blocking the middle of the road? Have you been waiting for the snake to leave on its own? Let’s hear what the snake catchers in the village say.

What Should You Do When Encountering a Snake 3

We have an elderly person with 20 years of snake hunting experience who used to go to the fields to catch snakes, sell them in the market for money, or occasionally make a snake meat at home to eat. I once asked the snake hunter the above question, and he told me that there are many ways to drive the snake away or save oneself when encountering a snake in the way, such as the following:

First, take a detour

To be honest, it’s best to take a detour when encountering a snake. There are many roads in the village where you can pass, so if you can avoid a snake, avoid it. It’s okay if it’s a none venomous snake, but if it’s a venomous snake blocking the way, getting bitten by it can have serious consequences.
Especially when encountering aggressive large poisonous snakes, such as the King cobra. King cobra is very aggressive. The best way to meet it is to avoid it. You can go as far as you can and run as fast as you can.

Secondly, wait in silence

When you see a snake blocking the way, stay away first and then be patient. Most snakes do not actively attack people. When they see someone coming, they usually take the initiative to leave. After the snake leaves, you can just pass by again, there’s no need to be too scared. Some people may say that there are many snake bites every year, but this is actually because someone accidentally steps on a snake or breaks into its territory, making the snake feel threatened.

Thirdly, make some noise and scare then away

If you are far away from the snake, it may not be aware that someone is coming, but if you get too close, you may be attacked by the snake. At this point, you need to make some noise in the distance to let the snake know that someone is coming. Snakes have limited vision, as they are nearsighted and cannot see distant objects clearly. Moreover, snakes do not have outer and middle ears, which prevents them from hearing sounds transmitted through the air, so shouting in the distance is not enough to attract the attention of snakes.

So what should we do? A good method that has been passed from ancient times can be used: strike the grass to scare the snake, find a stick to hit the ground, and the snake will leave when it hears any movement. Some people may ask, don’t snakes have ears? How can I hear the sound of a stick?
Snakes do not have outer and middle ears, but they have inner ears and ear bones, which can sense sound transmitted through the ground. Therefore, when you strike the ground, the sound will spread to the snake’s body through the ground, and then to the snake’s ear bones.

Fourth, take action when necessarily

There are always exceptions to everything. If you encounter situations where you have to fight a snake, boldly confront the snake. In fact, most Snake’s bite occur in “sudden attacks”. When people clearly know that there are snakes, it is difficult for snakes to bite people, it is because snakes do not have fast crawling speed. They have no limbs and can only rely on the contraction and relaxation of their body muscles to crawl, which is slower than the speed of humans. On the other hand, snakes have limited attack range and can only attack closer positions.

What Should You Do When Encountering a Snake 4

Therefore, when people confront snakes, as long as they maintain a certain distance from them and keep an eye on their movements at all times, they can avoid the repeated attacks of snakes. At this point, it is important to find a stick as soon as possible. Using a stick to hit a snake is the most convenient and effective.

Some people may think of “hitting a snake seven inches”, which is true in itself. However, in practical practice, it is difficult for ordinary people to hit the “seven inches” of snakes. Therefore, the suggestion in this article is not to hit the snake waist if you can hit the snake head, and not the snake tail if you can hit the snake waist.

King Cobra in Bamboo Forest
King Cobra in Bamboo Forest

Also, when hitting snakes, it is important to pay attention to the direction. Swinging the stick in the direction perpendicular to the snake’s body will increase the hit rate. If you have the stick in your hand, you don’t have to be afraid of snakes at all.

In short, there are many things you can do when encountering a snake blocking the way, but the best way is to quietly wait for the snake to leave in the distance. This is the safest approach, not only to protect yourself, but also not to harm the snake.

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