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Very Rare Golden Salamander

In Shaanxi, China, someone posted a video of a golden salamander, Is this creature really extremely rare?

Actually, this creature is scientifically known as the Chinese giant salamander. It is called (wawafish), (child fish), or (human fish), because it can produce sounds resembling a baby’s cries. Despite the common name including “fish,” it is actually an amphibian. Adult giant salamanders breathe through lungs and do not have gills.

Rare Golden Salamander

Many people were surprised to see the golden salamander. Can such a conspicuous creature really exist in its natural environment? Doesn’t it make itself vulnerable?

While wild giant salamanders are mainly dark-colored or black with some yellow, there are indeed golden variants. However, these variations are extremely rare and are considered a form of albinism among normal giant salamanders.

Very Rare Golden Salamander

The golden salamander in the viral video was artificially bred. This rare coloration not only adds to its culinary value but also makes it highly sought after as an ornamental specimen.

What makes this creature truly remarkable is its ancient history, dating back approximately 350 million years, while dinosaurs only appeared around 240 million years ago. Dinosaurs have long disappeared, leaving only scattered fossils, yet the giant salamander continues to inhabit our planet.



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