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Life of Snow Goose, From Birth to Adult

Egg Stealing Expert

arctic fox
An Arctic Fox

Compared with the Tibetan fox, the Arctic fox’s face looks much better, but some of the things he does are not very beautiful.

snow goose fight Arctic fox
Snow Goose Fight Arctic Fox

Here is the Arctic Tundra, where snow geese leap 3000 kilometers to breed. As a local resident of tundra, the Arctic fox has been waiting for the arrival of this moment. whether it is goose eggs or young birds, or even adult snow geese, can become their food. The snow geese only produce one nest of eggs a year, and they will use their life to protect these eggs. However, the snow geese have neither sharp beaks nor sharp claws, and they are often at a disadvantage in the confrontation with the Arctic fox. As an egg stealing expert, a Arctic fox may steal more than 1000 eggs during the breeding season of snow geese. I have reason to suspect that if the number of Arctic is enough, they can even eat all the snow geese until they become extinct.

Egg Stealing Expert
Egg Stealing Expert

Despite the loss, there are still a large number of eggs being hatched.

Greedy Bear Eats Young Geese

Greedy Bear Eats Young Geese
Greedy Bear Eats Young Geese

At this time, it is midsummer, but after all, this is the North Pole. The goslings need to hide in their mother’s arms to keep warm. When the large residents of tundra pass by, it is even more necessary for the chicks to hide well in order keep safe. The arrival of the reindeer does not pose a threat, but they lead the threat to here. The grizzly bear follows the reindeer all the way, hoping to have an easy meal. His appearance caused a commotion in the snow geese community, and the young geese on the way were sucked into his mouths as small snacks.

First Southbound Flight

marched towards safe waters
Marched Towards Safe Waters

Due to the increasing danger, these geese were forced to start their migration journey ahead of schedule, and their families marched towards safe waters. Within the next 8 weeks, the sunlight here began to gradually decrease, and the geese would also follow their parents on their first southbound flight, all the way to the Gulf of Mexico several thousand kilometers away.

First Southbound Flight
First Southbound Flight

Another day, when you see lines of geese on the shy, its might be their way to start from beginning.

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