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Can a Tibetan Mastiff Fight Spotted hyena?

Most people have a bias about Spotted hyena, thinking that they are just bigger “dogs”, but in fact, Spotted hyena are much bigger than dogs, no matter how fierce the dogs are, they are not rivals of Spotted hyena.

Tibetan Mastiffs have strong combat power, especially among dogs. Among large breeds, Tibetan Mastiffs should be able to rank in the top three in terms of combat power. Can a Tibetan mastiff weighing 200 kg beat a Spotted hyena weighing 150 kg? Let’s talk about this interesting topic.

Can a Tibetan Mastiff Fight Three Wolves?

The Tibetan Mastiff is an ancient breeds only in China. Its ancestors can be traced back to 8 million years ago, originating in the Qinghai Tibet Plateau of China. After training, it can be competent in caring for livestock and is a good helper for local herdsmen.

Black Tibetan Mastiff
Black Tibetan Mastiff

The Tibetan Mastiff has a body length of up to 120cm, a shoulder height of 80 centimeters, and a weight of 50-60 kilograms, making it one of the largest breeds of dogs. Under artificial breeding, some Tibetan Mastiffs can weigh up to 80-100 kilograms, but most individuals in this weight range are overweight. In terms of combat effectiveness, regular Tibetan Mastiffs are stronger. Therefore, a 200 pound Tibetan Mastiff is not as strong as a 100 pound Tibetan Mastiff.

Tibetan Mastiffs are covered in dense and long fur, which is beneficial for them to adapt to the harsh climate of the plateau and play a role in keeping warm and warm. Moreover, the thick hair makes the Tibetan mastiff look even bigger, looks like a male lion, which can act as a deterrent to the enemy.

In large dogs, the combat power of Tibetan Mastiffs belongs to the ceiling level, but if the range is expanded to the canine family, the combat power of Tibetan Mastiffs can only be considered above average, because most wolves can defeat Tibetan Mastiffs. As for the rumored “one Mastiff beats three wolves”, it is too exaggerated.

Tibetan Mastiff
Tibetan Mastiff

An adult Tibetan Mastiff may defeat a coyote weighing only 20kg, but that because physical advantage. If replaced with a gray wolf of comparable weight, the Tibetan Mastiff is no match at all. Under the condition of the same weight, the wolf has a longer snout and can open a larger mouth. The Bite force quotient of the wolf is twice of the Tibetan mastiff, and the canine teeth are also longer. These physical structures have determined the result of the battle.

Moreover, wolves live in the wild all year round and have rich combat experience, while Tibetan mastiffs rarely have the opportunity to engage in practical combat. Moreover, the intelligence of wolves is much higher than that of dogs, and their combat strategies are full of wisdom, unlike dogs that only bark and charge fiercely.

So, the combat ability of Tibetan Mastiffs has been overestimated by some people. Although they have a place in large dogs, they are still far inferior to wild gray wolves.

How fierce is the African Second Brother?

Although Spotted hyena is also look like dog, but it is not a canine, not the same kind as Tibetan mastiff. The Spotted hyena has the title of “the second brother of Africa”. They are a powerful presence on the African grassland, second only to the lions, which shows how powerful the Spotted hyena is.

In terms of individuals, Spotted hyena may not have the same combat effectiveness as lions, tigers and other beasts, but they often come and go together to form a group of 5~90 Spotted hyena, greatly improving their viability.

hyena harass lions
hyena harass lions

Many people have cognitive biases about the size of Spotted hyena. They always think that they are similar to a large dog. That’s because Spotted hyena often appear in the same picture with lions. Compared with larger lions, Spotted hyena appear smaller.

But if you look at the data of Spotted hyena, you will know how big it is. The body length of the Spotted hyena is 95-160 cm, and the weight is about 40-86 kg. The reason why the body span is relatively large is that the female Spotted hyena is one-third larger than the male individual, which means that a larger female Spotted hyena can weigh more than 80 kg.

In contrast, dogs weight more than 30kg are considered as large dogs. In addition to Tibetan mastiff, few large dogs weigh more than 40kg. Spotted hyena are twice as big as dogs, so you can imagine how big Spotted hyena are! Of course, Spotted hyena rely not on their size, but on the predatory strategy of collective warfare to gain a foothold on the African grasslands. Spotted hyena often surround their prey in the middle, and then attack from the rear of the prey constantly, constantly consuming the physical strength of the prey until the prey is exhausted.

hyena against lion
hyena against lion

The most famous attack method of Spotted hyena is “digging out the anus”, which makes it difficult for most mammals to against. Even stronger as a lion, also afraid of Spotted hyena’s attack method. When some lonely female lions see Spotted hyena, they usually take the initiative to avoid it.

In short, the Spotted hyena is the “second brother of Africa” on the African grassland, second only to the lions. They not only have a strong group predation ability, but their individual combat effectiveness also can not be underestimated.

Which is stronger, Tibetan mastiff or Spotted hyena?

After seeing the basic information of the Tibetan mastiff and the Spotted hyena, I believe we have already known which is more powerful, the Tibetan mastiff or the Spotted hyena? Let’s put it this way, a 200 kg Tibetan mastiff can be several meals of 150kg Spotted hyena! Let’s take a look at the specific data comparison.

Firstly, in terms of body size, Tibetan Mastiffs do not have an advantage.

female hyena
female hyena

As we mentioned earlier, the most powerful Tibetan Mastiff usually weighs between 50-60 kilograms, while the 200 pound Tibetan Mastiff is a result of artificial breeding and is a chubby dog, but its combat effectiveness is actually weaker. The 150 kg Spotted hyena is just a larger female, which is the most powerful fighting position. Compared with the Tibetan mastiff of normal weight, the Spotted hyena is larger, and the Tibetan mastiff of 200 kg is not as powerful as the individual of normal weight.

Secondly, in terms of body structure, Tibetan mastiff is inferior to Spotted hyena

hyena harass lions
hyena harass lions

The Spotted hyena has always been famous for its Bite force quotient. Its Bite force quotient is up to 460kg, which is stronger than the Bite force quotient of lions. It can easily break animal bones. The Bite force quotient of the Tibetan mastiff is far weak from that, and it can be seen from the mouth structure of the Tibetan mastiff that they cannot cause too much damage to the opponent.

If the Tibetan mastiff and the Spotted hyena fight together, the Spotted hyena can gently bite the bones of the Tibetan mastiff, while the Tibetan mastiff can only cause some skin injuries to the Spotted hyena, because the canine teeth of the Tibetan mastiff are too short to cause too much fatal damage to the Spotted hyena.

Third, in terms of combat style, the Tibetan mastiff cannot defeat the Spotted hyena

hyena fight male lion
hyena fight male lion

The Spotted hyena is best at “digging the anus”. When attacking, they will constantly circle the back and attack the rear of the opponent, After several rounds, the Tibetan mastiff will be exhausted and finally be hunted by the Spotted hyena.

In addition, Spotted hyena live in the wild all year round. Whether they hunt prey or defend against foreign enemies, each battle is to survive. The Tibetan mastiff is different. They are fed by their masters and do not need to hunt by themselves. When fighting with other animals, they often have their masters behind them. The Tibetan mastiff is obviously less experienced than the Spotted hyena.

Therefore, the Tibetan mastiff is far inferior to the Spotted hyena in terms of body structure, combat style and actual combat experience, so a 200kg Tibetan mastiff can only be regarded as a big meal for the Spotted hyena.

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