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Albatross Baby Will Finally Soar On The Vast Sea

Albatross Baby Will Soar On The Vast Sea 1

A albatross baby stands on the sand, the child’s hair is slightly messy, But his personality is even more make people worried. Birds that are so much smaller than him knows how to walk around and search food, But he is not. He’s been stuck there like this for 4 months, Without any movement at all. he has been living a life of no need to do anything, Whether it’s pouring rain or howling winds, Or the scorching sun. Let the rain and wind strike me, and I will stand still.

Albatross Baby Will Soar On The Vast Sea 2

But when he saw the approaching black shadow on the horizon, His eyes lit up instantly, Because that means his parents is likely brought him food. What disappointed him was that The one who returned is not of the same kind, it’s a Black albatross. But nine out of ten, he also brought food back. To prevent himself from continuing to starve, He made a decision that went against his ancestors, That’s just taking a few steps forward. What he didn’t expect is he didn’t get the food, Instead, Black albatross gave him a hard lesson. Obviously, as a mother, Black albatross must feed her own child first. However, some things may seem to save lives, but they actually not.

Albatross Baby Will Soar On The Vast Sea 3

Looking around, The chicks are dying. In the ocean, A large amount of plastic has been washed onto this island. Seabirds Use float plastic debris as food and brought back to the chicks, But unintentionally took their lives. Almost certain, In the stomach of every chick on the island, there is some plastic, And those who eat too much plastic will starve to death.

Albatross Baby Will Soar On The Vast Sea 4

After nearly three weeks at sea, The father of this chick finally came back, a long separation. This is a meal that chicks urgently need, but definitely there are some plastic in it. After feeding is completed, Father Returns to the Pacific, Continuing his unfaired life, Leave the chicks alone to face various tests.

Albatross Baby Will Soar On The Vast Sea 7

And the first challenge is coming soon, Albatrosses usually Spit out indigestible parts, For example, squid heads and bones. But spitting out the lighter and bottle cap is much harder. This time he successfully overcame the difficulties. One step closer to the first flight, In a few more weeks, When the wind blows smoothly, he will be able to show his skills for the first time, At that time, he will soar on the vast sea.

Albatross Baby Will Soar On The Vast Sea 8

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