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The Grasshopper And The Ants

If life never works
Will it starve to death?
How many people’s current living conditions does this animation reflect?
This grasshopper loves music, Living a carefree life
When hungry, he eats the leaves around
When thirsty, he drinks the dew from the morning glory.
Be happy and have food and clothing every day
he never ate more than one bite of the leaves he picked.
It seems that everything is within reach in his eyes

compared to his laziness
Ants working diligently all the time
they know they can only store food before winter comes
So as not to starve to death

At this time, a little ant pulled the apple cart
Accidentally fell into the quagmire
But even if it is difficult to move even an inch
It has no intention of giving up either
Until the rope is broken and Headlong into the mire

The grasshopper suddenly burst into laughter
He advised the little ant:
There are so many fruits on the tree that it’s impossible to pick them all
God won’t let us suffer
You don’t have to worry about carrying food.
Why don’t you sing and dance with me?
How nice it is to have carpe diem
The simple little ant believed his words, he couldn’t help but dance too

At this time, the queen ant came out in a sedan chair to inspect the work.
she just happened to catch a little ant playing, She Suddenly felt so angry

she stepped on the attendant’s butt and walked over.
At this time, the little ant was still singing and dancing, As a result, he saw the angry queen as soon as he turned around

He was so frightened that he immediately kowtowed at a 90-degree angle.
Then he rushed to work in a hurry
The apple cart that originally couldn’t be pulled
Now he can easily carry it and run back to the home

the grasshopper has never seen a little guy so afraid of his boss.
He said hello politely to the queen
Unexpectedly, she told him that he was lazy. Don’t affect her child

If you don’t work all the time and store food.
wait until winter comes
sooner or later you will starve to death

But the grasshopper didn’t take it seriously
He said It is impossible to work
I make my music, do what I love
Not like you ants, living a hard and busy life
After seeing that the grasshoppers don’t listen at all,
she was so angry that left

Even the little ants following behind didn’t even have time to react, then were pulled back

Grasshopper saw this scene, Laugh, then spit and danced again
He just jumped from summer to autumn
Every day is carefree play
he didn’t realize that the cold wind was blowing
winter is here

The ants stopped what they were doing
Hiding in caves one after another
Leaves flying all over the sky
Followed closely by dense white snow
Snow covers everything

The grasshopper no longer has the worry-free life he once had.
Hungry and cold, he had to drag his tired body
Looking for food in the snow with difficulty
glanced at his hungry and shriveled stomach, He could only tighten his belt and continue searching.

Unexpectedly, at this moment, He discovered a piece of dead leaves swaying in the snow, But before the grasshopper pounces on it and eats it, Dead leaves fell off the branches and drifted into the distance with wind and snow

To continue to live, Grasshopper can only choose to continue to tighten its belt
Pick up the violin on the ground
Thinking that he might see hope if he takes a few more steps,
But God is fair
He won’t let any lazy living enjoy the beauty but do nothing

The wind and snow are getting bigger and bigger
The grasshopper couldn’t hold on and fell on the snow.
But just when he was desperate
Suddenly a ray of dawn appeared in front of his eyes
That’s the nest of ants
The grasshopper used up his last bit of strength
Climb hard to the door
looking in from the outside
The ants inside are relaxing
Enjoy a meal in comfort
The scene of happiness is like a paradise in the world
The grasshopper knocked on the cave door
Then he passed out in the snow.
After the ants came out, found this grasshopper that turned purple from the cold
they quickly carried it in
Not only the hot water is ready to soak the feet,
they even put a thick blanket on him thoughtfully.
The little ant who was deceived earlier fed him soup.

After a while
Grasshopper’s skin color gradually returned to normal
the queen heard about this later
she walked up to the grasshopper with long legs
Grasshopper was very regretful
He is ashamed of his past laziness and arrogance
But he hopes that the queen can be kind enough to take him in in the future

the queen doesn’t have a good impression of him in the past
Said that there are never any idlers here
Then she gave the violin back to the grasshopper
Just when he was desperate
the queen tells him later unless you can play for us
after hearing this
Grasshopper’s eyes lit up
he immediately danced excitedly on the water and played the violin.
The ants also dance to the sound of music
It turns out there is no shame in pursuing your hobbies

The end of laziness is the grasshoppers after autumn can only hop around for a few days
But if you can turn your hobby into your job and fight for it
Only then can you truly realize your value

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